Don't Let Falling Trees Destroy Your Home

L. Miller Landscaping performs expert tree removal

Removing a tree shouldn't mean destroying your lawn. Our rigging system helps protect your yard during the tree removal process. L. Miller Landscaping uses lifts and rope to support full trees and branches while we trim or cut them down.

L. Miller Landscaping removes unwanted trees and large shrubs throughout Iowa City, Cedar Rapids and the surrounding areas. Our team will leave your property clean and unharmed, so you can go back to enjoying your yard. Call our team for a free quote today.

Why is tree removal important?

Why is tree removal important?

Tree removal isn't just about eliminating eyesores from your property. Dead or decaying trees can pose a serious risk of property damage or physical injury. Signs that a tree needs to be removed include:

  • Missing bark
  • Deep cracks or holes in the trunk
  • Dead or falling branches
  • Unusual leaf loss
  • Leaning

Our team of skilled contractors is available for 24/7 emergency tree removal. If you have a tree at risk of falling, don't wait for the inevitable. Call L. Miller Landscaping in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids and surrounding areas for emergency tree removal today.