Sick of Waiting for Grass to Grow?

Call L. Miller Landscaping for sod installation services

You don't have to wait weeks for grass to grow to achieve a beautiful lawn. Sod is an excellent option for homeowners who want a quick and convenient solution for their yard.

Check out the benefits of letting us handle your sod installation:

  • Sod creates an instant lawn
  • Sod helps control erosion
  • Sod can increase the value of your home

L. Miller Landscaping offers sod installation services throughout Iowa City, Cedar Rapids and surrounding areas. If you have any questions about sod or would like to set up a free estimate, get in touch now.

What does our sod installation process look like?

What does our sod installation process look like?

When you hire L. Miller Landscaping to install your sod, we don't just roll it out and call it good. First, our team of skilled contractors grades your entire lawn. Grading helps level out your lawn and provide a flat surface for the sod.

If desired, we also offer irrigation installation. We perform this installation before laying down your sod, which completely hides the irrigation system. Finally, we bring in the sod. For a free sod installation estimate, call our team today.