Winter Weakening Your Business Strategy?

When flakes start falling, get snow removal services

When Jack Frost decides to let it snow this winter, make sure your business is prepared. L. Miller Landscaping can help you with snow removal and de-icing services in and around Amana, IA.

Don't let winter weather get in the way of your business. Our crew can clear out your sidewalk, parking lot and more, so your guests will have a straight path to your front door.

If your business needs snow cleanup services, don't wait - call us at 319-551-5587.

Don't make your customers slip and slide to your front door

Don't make your customers slip and slide to your front door

At L. Miller Landscaping, we use magnesium chloride salt in our de-icing services. This type of salt has a few major benefits over traditional pavement salt, including that it:

  • Is safe for people, pets and the environment
  • Melts ice quickly and leaves minimal residue
  • Can handle ice in temperatures as low as -5°F

Magnesium chloride salt is also less corrosive on your pavement than traditional salt. If you need salt on-hand for your business this winter, we are an authorized dealer. Call today for snow removal services.